Feature Guarantee Policy

We believe you should get a minimum of one blog post feature - or your money back, guaranteed.

We want every client to have a positive experience at Jake Beck Digital Marketing! What we provide is the PR service and experience to earn you a feature.

When we send out your press release, we send it out to thousands of blogs of several different genres.  It is their choice as to whether or not they feature you, or not.  Within 60 days*, if at least one blog does not choose to feature you - you will get 100% of your money back.  Guaranteed.

When we send out your Spotify tracks, we send it out to hundreds of playlists of several different genres.  Within 60 days*, if 5 Spotify playlists have not featured you - you will get the amount of your money back that has not been playlisted (20% per non-playlisted track).  Guaranteed.



✓  You received 0 blog features from our work.

✓  60 days have passed since you submitted the PR form*

✓  You provided us all information we needed and asked in order to proceed with your media submission.

✓  (Spotify Package Only) 60 days have passed since you provided us with your links*

All above conditions must be met for the Money Back Guarantee! 

If you change your mind after making your payment, it is not possible to get your money back as we automate a lot of the process and the campaign begins the moment you pay.  The second you submit, we launch and do the work.